Success Formula 1 is a coaching and consulting organization focused on training Students, SME Business Owners and Executives to excel in their chosen careers and to attain mastery of success.

Success Formula 1 is the brain child of Harish H N who is a serial Entrepreneur, Leader, Coach, Mentor and a Speaker. He is well supported by his very experienced team of partners.

How we do it?

Enterprise Business Scale Up (EBS) Method

  • Entrepreneur Mindset – Set the right Mindset
  • Business Process and Systems – Use right Methods
  • Scale Up – Achieve Manifestations

We first help you streamline yourself and your business, so that you become ready for Scale up.

Success Enablers, unit of Success Formula 1 will work on the enterprise and issue Scale up ready certification.

In this process, we help you identify Core and Non Core functions.

Core functions will be handled by the entrepreneur while all Non core functions will be managed by Success Formula 1 including Accounts, Finance, HR, Marketing, Funding, Legal, Mentoring, Coaching, Training, PR, Import-Export and National and International Coordination.

Once certified, Success Formula 1 helps Enterprise Scale up to multiple cities.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Step 1 - We get the applications from aspiring entrepreneurs
Step 2 - We discuss and identify the potential
Step 3 - We help them understand the domain which they would enjoy
Step 4 - We offer them current opportunities in Success Formula 1
Step 5 - We mentor them for that specific business
Step 6 - They start enterprise along with us in a particular city in the domain of their interest


Our Vision is to create 1,000,000 (one million) sustainable jobs by enabling the growth of 100 enterprises and creating 50,000 entrepreneurs by 2020.


Our Mission is to identify profitable enterprises in a city with positive attitude and growth appetite; Help them scale up across India and Abroad to 500 cities in India and 40 plus countries.